“This class was definitely one of my top five most important classes I’ve had here. Professor Herbert is great… Heck, I’d give her a raise.” – feedback from a student

I love teaching and have a lot of fun in my classrooms! As an instructor, my goal is to help students find their sociological imagination, and be able to see how society is comprised of more than just a collection of individuals. My students learn to collect data and analyze it, research topics and present on local issues, write mock-policy reports and grant proposals, and learn to write evidence-based arguments.

My past and present courses include:

– Introduction to Sociology
– Race, Ethnicity and Inequality
– Urban Sociology
– Housing and Homelessness
– Research Methods
– Project Community: Criminal Justice
– Project Community: Gender and Sexuality
– Project Community: Public Health
– Project Community: Education

**Project Community is a community-engaged course where students spend time in a classroom and out volunteering at a local organization related to the course topic.